Nanjing 19 old urban was forced to stop the car chased vendors death details of crime 7470d

Nanjing 19 old urban was forced to stop dead details: vendors chased car crime original title: law enforcement reproduction murder, Nanjing 19 old urban management vendors were stabbed dead on September 22nd afternoon, Nanjing Xuanwu District Propaganda Department news release, September 21st at 10 pm, Xuanwu District lock Golden Village Street squadron Deputy instructor Ren Keming, LED 4 players perform inspection inspectors, by Jeeves fruit vendors Ge Moumou with a knife stabbed, rushed to the hospital after she died, unfortunately killed. Squad number 37 (micro signal: zhonganzu37) learned that the death of deputy instructor Ren Keming is 45 years old this year, in 1997 the first batch of Nanjing, through the public examination of the inspectors, engaged in the work of the inspectors for 19 years. Currently, Ge Moumou suspicion of intentional injury causing death has been Nanjing City Public Security Bureau Xuanwu branch criminal detention. Xuanwu District of Nanjing – Ren Keming released the news. Those killed in Xuanwu District lock Golden Village Street squadron deputy director Ren Keming. For respondents figure the vendor has two times been advised to leave the official informed that in late September 21st 10, Xuanwu District lock Golden Village Street squadron Deputy instructor Ren Keming, led 4 players in the implementation of the normal management inspection, found in the interchange to the east side to the long-distance bus station the slow lane has a moving truck the fruit stalls. Law enforcement officers found near, was repeatedly treated the Ge, several inspectors pointed out that it may not be Jeeves, Ge Moumou then drove away. Subsequently, law enforcement officers to patrol along the Xuanwu Avenue, about 7-8 minutes later, at the Nanjing Forestry University in 2 near the door and found the truck Lane Lane continue to sell fruit, law enforcement officers get persuaded to leave, the Ge Moumou opened the door without a word, pulled out a fruit knife stabbing deputy political instructor, keming. According to the notice said, Ge Moumou long-term stall in Xinzhuang overpass near Jeeves, has been repeatedly punished, rescue cure Hospital of integrated law enforcement squadron deputy director Ren Keming was stabbed in the evacuation of Chinese and Western medicine in Jiangsu Province, unfortunately killed. The Xuanwu District Party Committee Propaganda Department informed the relevant. Screenshot micro-blog Nanjing Xuanwu District Urban Management Bureau party secretary Tao told homicide No. 37 (micro signal: zhonganzu37), the owner checked Ge Moumou is Anhui people, 38 years old this year, the urban management department had been repeatedly processing. Tao said the Secretary, chased away from the first time, Ge Moumou then drove away, but left a bench and a fruit basket in the field. When the inspectors passed, leaving the bench and baskets on the car, and then continue to patrol. But after the second advised to leave, Ge Moumou driving out from the slow lane, suddenly forced to stop the inspectors, forced to stop, Ge Moumou continue to drive a car after a distance of one hundred or two hundred meters to stop, then get off. At this time, chased the vehicle at a normal pace to continue moving forward, just two cars, the inspectors were advised to get off from Ge Ge Moumou, Moumou then took out a fruit knife provocation, the inspectors came to take the knife, then stabbed Ren Keming. Vendors chased a knife stabbed the abdomen of Xuanwu District Propaganda Department 22 days under prop相关的主题文章:

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