Nanjing metro line four in the first phase of October 5th began to carry out passenger trial operati

Nanjing metro line four phase in October 5th began trial operation without passengers — Jiangsu windows — original title: Nanjing metro line four phase in October 5th began trial operation without passengers to meet the 2016 "National Day" holiday tourists travel demand, Nanjing subway for the National Day special operation organization scheme, across the network to increase the transport capacity and site security efforts, 000 staff holidays adhere to the line, to ensure the smooth flow of traffic festival. Reporters also learned that in the construction of Metro Line 4 project, 42 Units, nearly 1000 builders will give up holidays, overtime to carry out installation and decoration, since October 5th, line 4 began trial operation without passengers. During the national day, tourism, shopping, etc. by visiting travel factors, with former Nanjing subway passenger flow law, NanJing Railway Station, NanJing South Railway Station is expected, a large palace, Xinjiekou, Confucius temple, Maigaoqiao, Sanshan street, Xuanwu Gate, park, square, station from alfalfa will increase significantly the passenger flow. To this end, the Nanjing subway will do real-time traffic monitoring, the focus of the station staff arrangement protection and guidance, timely and reasonable allocation of capacity increasing spare train, during the National Day also plans to train 352 times, ready to respond to emergency passenger; at the same time in the passenger station for manual ticketing and increasing the number of mobile ticketing. Nanjing subway station staff to remind the majority of passengers, guide an orderly waiting before the trip to the pre ride; set aside enough time to stop screening, the subway will try to check on the impact of passenger travel to a minimum. According to reports, the Nanjing subway operations for 11 years, a total of about 3 billion 546 million passengers safely transported passengers in the first half of this year, the average daily passenger traffic accounted for Nanjing city bus daily passenger volume of 40.15%. Completion of a project launched in line 4, the scale of Nanjing subway network will reach 258 km, "Wells" shape of the subway line grid will be officially "closure", people will travel more convenient, comfortable and fast. In June 2013 the first phase of the project of Metro Line 4 started, the project West Gulou environmental station in East Qixia, Xianlin station, as running through the urban area, a total length of 33.75 km, a total of 18 stations, with 8 cultural wall station, such as Jimingsi station Cao Xueqin and his characters, the drum tower station, Longjiang Railway Station Qixian Zheng He shipyard, Yunnan Road station, Xu Zhuang station Zu Chongzhi peach garden…. Reflects the rich cultural heritage of Nanjing, showing the Nanjing subway of human feelings. In the 4 line during the construction of a Nanjing subway to overcome cultural relics protection area and trees, complex geological conditions in the construction problems, has completed the main station, tunnel construction, rail and electricity, equipment installation and decoration as a milepost node, October 5th will enter the line without passengers stage of trial operation. Continue to carry out a series of test and verify, drills and other work, the operation organization management, personnel training and emergency plan, inspect content such as availability, safety and reliability of equipment and system. According to statistics, during the national day, thousands of builders to give up the rest, fighting in the front line of the station installation and decoration, equipment for line 4)相关的主题文章:

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