Nantong, a high school girl died on the morning of the reasons for the incident in the investigation

Nantong, a high school girl in the early morning incident cause of death in the investigation yesterday morning, stone village of Rugao city high school, a high school girl suddenly died, the family heard the news arrived, the girl’s body had been parked in the funeral home. It is understood that the three girls nineteen year old, surnamed Lu, who lives in Rugao City, North street. Lucas’s uncle: "I am also also notified, they say we have not know much about children since the late Hugh ten minutes is good, sleeping in the dorm, when we were informed that the children have been sent to the funeral home." Small Lu in the end is how to die, the reporter thought of school, but was shut out. Security guard: "can you make a phone call, help us to contact your leadership, we are not playing" small Lu family in the morning school, want to understand the cause of death of small Lu, but now the school has closed the dormitory, the monitor is not to see the family. Lucas’s uncle: "now president there, never say a word, you need to explain what we want to know how after is how, without parents send their children to the funeral home, just wanted a detailed process, now the school did not say to you, no." According to Xiao Lu’s uncle said, they also learned about the hospital with the stone, Xiao Lu is about two o’clock in the morning to the hospital, then there is no heartbeat. Shi Zhuang hospital staff: it seems that the school has died, to the hospital has been unable to treat, on the right, do CPR on the spot." Small Lu in the end is how to die, Xiao Lu’s family is still waiting for an explanation. Extended video, has nothing to do with the original senior girls school falls 4 girls: Shen Shiyi school fall dead due to the weight of Postgraduate相关的主题文章:

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