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Pay their own social security and social security payments paid by the unit has been so much difference so many years of social security, there may be a lot of people do not understand the social security of social security and social security workers. Melt 360 small series of popular science: social security workers, the unit is part of the individual to pay part of the purchase of the national compulsory social security. The residents of social security is no work unit for the crowd, is to buy social security in their own name. Although it is paid social security, but the difference, the treatment is not the same, it can be said to be very far. Social security and social security of urban residents are different: the difference: the frequency of payment of different urban workers are paid monthly, while the majority of urban residents are annual payment. The difference between the two: pay different medical pension insurance, is a national mandatory payment, as long as the work unit must be for you to pay the insurance (pension, medical, work injury); urban residents medical endowment insurance, which belongs to the voluntary insurance, compulsory payment; the difference between the three: for people of different insurance for urban workers, mainly for the unit the workers working in the city, individual industrial and commercial households and enjoy retirement pension insurance; urban residents, mainly for urban residence but also for people who do not work. Like some elderly people do not enjoy retirement, no work units, young people, disabled and other objects, etc.. It should be noted that only the city accounts, in order to pay the city’s urban residents social security. The difference between four: the amount of contributions to the social security of urban residents, the amount of payment is lower than the social security of urban workers. Such as endowment insurance: insurance endowment general first-tier cities, according to the minimum base, annual pay (company + personal) about 6000 yuan, Shanghai and Beijing (higher average wages); residents of old-age insurance payment, the annual amount of about 100-3000 between the freedom of choice, the payment amount can enjoy different government every year a few yuan subsidy. Look at medical insurance: workers in the first tier cities of medical insurance, according to the minimum base deposit, annual contributions (company + individual) about 3600-6000. While most residents medical insurance, is divided into three levels, ranging from 1000 yuan to 300 yuan a year, as some people with disabilities or low income households will have the corresponding government subsidies. Are social security, so much difference between treatment! However, we buy social security means, to take their own money to the state, to help you make the state pension, financial 360 Xiaobian residents social security is not equal to the social security of workers is the most important thing is to enjoy the benefits of different: pay the amount of urban residents’ medical endowment insurance is far lower than that of the urban workers’ medical pension insurance, leading to treatment first say: big difference pension pay worker endowment insurance people, endowment insurance is the payment period, opera base pay, personal accounts and other parameters according to the formula, and the general social average wages, nearly more than and 10 years, the average wage rose every year. At present, the average pension level of retirees of enterprises in Beijing has reached 3573 yuan standard (2016 latest data) residents pay pension insurance, pension amount consists of basic pension and individual pension accounts. At present, Beijing urban and rural residents basic pension for 510 yuan (about!相关的主题文章:

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