Pregnant Hsu Chi complained that he can not drink, can not eat sweets

Pregnant? Hsu Chi complained that he could not drink, can not eat sweets Hsu Chi said he can not drink, can not eat sweets according to Taiwan media reports, Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung September lightning announced the marriage, met 20 years finally came to fruition, even though the original public news, have explained yet pregnant, but has been the focus of her maternal age, belly bulge may still be a fan the 6 day; she suddenly in the community complained of what cannot eat, immediately aroused speculation about whether she has been pregnant. Hsu Chi 6 in the face book issued, complain that they can’t eat sweets, drink now, poultry, beef, seafood, also ask all users that travel where the meaning of ", fully showing helpless mood, not only that, she also posted a film, the image is lazy cat lying, ajar eyes picture. Publish postings, immediately fueled by discussion, speculation is not North nose "," is to the belly of the baby ", all the speculation qingchaoerchu, attracted other school friends for her clarification should be allergy recurrence." but she did not respond to the fans guesses. In fact, the marriage just exposed have reported that Hsu Chi plans to shoot the film directed by Stephen Fung "Grand Union", will reduce accept job offer, despite claims to the health ", but has caused to speculate whether the rush made man.相关的主题文章:

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