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Qi Baishi "landscape" Xinwei heavyweight art debut poly Autumn Auction original title: Qi Baishi "landscape" Xinwei heavyweight art in the upcoming poly autumn auction Juchui (reporter Jiang Yu) 2016 Beijing poly autumn auction will be held in Shanghai on 8 Auction tour, Qi Baishi’s "landscape", Zhang Daqian Xinwei "Swiss Mountain map" and other heavyweight art collectors caused great interest in shanghai. Qi Baishi’s life the most important landscape landscape "album" Xin Jiang Yu. According to reports, Qi Baishi "landscape" Xinwei made in 1931, a total of 12, Qi Baishi had already entered the creative peak, on behalf of this book called the freehand landscape, the industry called Qi Baishi’s life the most important landscape album. This album in 50s once in four European countries exhibition, works of the "Yin Zhai" for the Susong, is the famous Kuomintang military attache, but in cultural relics collection and appreciation. Zhang Daqian wrote in 1965 "Swiss Mountain map" is rare in drawing silk a boutique, the width of 173 cm, far exceeding the tapestry of. Different from the past to Mount Huangshan, Emei Daqian mountain China landscape for the creation of artistic paintings, the painting as the theme of the Swiss landscape splashing color of landscape painting is more beautiful and magnificent charm, in the creation of silk texture, more difficult. Qing emperor Yong Zheng more than and 3 Dark carved dragon of the Rio famille rose bowl valuation of up to 15 million to 25 million by Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian, Jiang Yu, with a great reputation of Xu Beihong, Pan Tianshou, Li Keran, Huang Binhong, Wu Guanzhong, Lin Fengmian, etc. China GuanShanYue modern art history of the famous masters, is a direct attention to painting and calligraphy art market, the poly Autumn Auction introduced the selection for more than. In addition to the above two parts, and Wu Guanzhong painting in 1989, the "tiger", Li Keran plateau wrote in 1978, "the Yellow Sea haze" in 1953 and "quasi Huang Binhong Zhang Xun landscape" etc.. Spring of this year, the six important works of poly auction of ancient paintings by Song Zhiqing arranged a special edition "EMI standard process — from the special Xia to the king," at that time, six pieces of turnover of up to 250 million yuan. Autumn Auction nearly, "EMI standard process" concert has also ushered in second, the total of six pieces of works from Song Dynasty to Qing Dynasty, including Ming Qiu Ying Tang poetry painting "Atlas", the song "generous Kegon Guangfo ofzhang Jizhi five off world Master Miao Yan products of the first five fragments" etc.. Antique curios part of the autumn auction launched a number of special field, many clear treasures will be presented to collectors. "Free — China gold and bronze Buddha statues of Buddha and Thangka" concert will be launched more than 100 pieces of exquisite Buddhist art works. As part of the "Changan contemporary ink painting" works of Wang Xijing the leader led to the unique charm of contemporary ink Chinese.相关的主题文章:

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