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Scholars on the Silk Road and the ancient Silk Road to restore the grotto art history of Dunhuang – Beijing, China News Agency, Dunhuang, September 16 (reporter Nan ruzhuo and Ma Ding Si) "if there is a dazzling pearl cave temple, then the Silk Road as a line, through its series, Eurasian appeared a beautiful neck the necklace." Lanzhou University Dunhuang Institute Zheng Binglin 16 to accept China News Agency reporters interview that the study lasted for ten years, "and the Silk Road Dunhuang grotto art books recently published" series, the latest research results of "reduction" of the ancient Silk Road and the social history of Dunhuang. The silk road is the Western civilization exchanges the eternal thoroughfare, is also connected to a foreign art road. The Silk Road and the Gansu grottoes are numerous, is Chinese Grottoes largest and well preserved area, because most of these caves dug in the gravel layer, difficult statues in the cave, so the combination of sculpture and murals in the form of statues on. This is a comprehensive system of combing Dunhuang grotto art in Gansu and the Silk Road, the key research base of Ministry of education Lanzhou University Dunhuang Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences and lasted for ten years, the archaeology and iconology, the function of three kinds of research methods, research contents include the grotto art monographic study, grotto art and social history studies, Buddhist caves and temple rituals. Comprehensive research, case study and cave in specific historical period of the specific region of the image survey and research. The grotto art and social history research "daisy chain", Zheng Binglin introduced the launch of a series of research results a total of seven volumes, including the Dunhuang Grottoes in Dunhuang Grottoes art, colorful ethnic costumes, Dunhuang cave paintings, Sui Dynasty unearthed the contents of Dunhuang grotto murals style and theme, the Northern Zhou Dynasty Grottoes research, Gansu Provincial Museum of Northern Dynasty carved stone study on grotto art statues, Buddhist caves and restore ancient social history and Buddhist rituals etc.. Zheng Binglin said, scholars have done a lot in the past 50 years in the survey and mapping the contents of the paintings in this study, basically is the single murals as the focus, this set of studies is a new breakthrough in Dunhuang Grottoes sculptures as the main research object, and relates to other Chinese grotto sculpture, the combined with the construction, cave murals, taking time for clues, show the cultural charm of Gansu in the silk road have grotto ". Zheng Binglin said, "Dunhuang and the Silk Road" series in the grotto art Grottoes along the Silk Road as its research object, pay attention to establish its internal logic relations, and focus on exploration of key individual caves, with an open, broad perspective, re-examine the west to the east to Kucha, Tianshui and Xi’an, Southwest China to the North grotto temple ruins, explore the development of the grotto art style evolution. (end)相关的主题文章:

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