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Shuangliu district held network security publicity week – Sichuan Channel – September 30 Chengdu Xinhua (Wang Bo) "aunt, this is the network security knowledge manual, please see……" Recently, Shuangliu District Network Security Awareness Week activities, the first activity held at Tanghu Park passion square. Participate in the activities of the volunteers and Shuangliu district network information office staff or on the streets for the masses in the past publicity materials, or stand in the propaganda stage to come to the consultation of network security problems of the masses answer questions, past people have come to the onlookers active consultation. Usually my phone will often receive some strange text messages that I won the lottery, the son and daughter said these are fraudulent messages. How do you know my phone number?" 63 year old Wu mother-in-law after listening to the volunteers about network security knowledge introduction, came to the consultation desk to ask their actual problems encountered. After getting the staff professional answers, she said, the National Network Security Awareness Week activities, not only the popularity of network security knowledge, but also improve the public awareness of network security. September 19th to 25 is the 2016 national network security awareness week. Shuangliu District, network security and information technology leadership team in accordance with the central and provincial requirements, combined with their own actual situation, focusing on "network security network security for the people, by the people" theme, in the region organized the 2016 National Cyber Security Awareness Week series of theme activities in various forms, rich in content, and enhance network security awareness of the residents and improve the network security skills, in the whole society to create a good atmosphere of network security is everyone’s responsibility, everyone involved in the.   (commissioning editor: Yuan Hanling, Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章:

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