Since October 1st, Ningbo, the implementation of the new housing renovation of the whole house blank polartec

October 1st Ningbo new residential renovation farewell blank Housing in Ningbo since October 1st, the new house renovation delivered recently, the office of the provincial government issued "opinions" on promoting the development of green building and building industrialization, clearly from October 1, 2016 onwards, Zhejiang province center city and county urban sale or transfer of land on New residential all the whole decoration, and delivery of the finished product, to encourage the construction of residential renovation and actively implement. Ningbo will be implemented simultaneously, which means that the future will gradually withdraw from the blank room Ningbo historical stage. Compared with the decoration of the housing blank, what are the advantages? The implementation of the entire decoration means that the public will not be able to arbitrarily decoration, then buy the house will be stereotyped, no personality? On the issue of public concern, the reporter made an understanding. The decoration of the housing and the pros and cons of contrast: cost, pollution, waste will reduce what is the whole decoration? The Ministry of housing in 2002 promulgated the "commodity in a residential decoration to explain the implementation details": Housing turnkey, fixed all functional space full survey or face paint, kitchen and toilet are the basic equipment installation completed. The whole renovation is not a simple blank Housing and decoration, but the construction, decoration design and construction and installation of integrated kitchen integration. The detailed rules for the implementation of the Ministry of housing issued a standard configuration for each space, like ordinary residential kitchen stove, including conditioning table, washing pool table, cabinet, refrigerator, lampblack machine, ceiling lamps and electrical outlets in 3 groups; the senior residential kitchen use increase Taiwan, disinfection cabinet; high grade residential kitchen and the dishwasher and TV, telephone number etc.. Then, for the public, the decoration of the housing and the comparison of the pros and cons of what? Reporters also invited the relevant industry conducted an analysis. For the public, the house decoration is the biggest benefit, money and worry. Compared with the blank room, the entire renovation due to the construction of a unified batch, the cost will be significantly reduced, significantly reduced pollution and waste, more in line with health, safety and environmental requirements, is an important part of the implementation of green building. At the same time, blank room decoration in the process of knock on the wall hole, will bring serious hidden danger to the construction safety; the decoration process is long, which not only pollute the residential environment, but also affect the neighborhood. The entire renovation of the housing decoration quality problems once found, it can be found on the developers to facilitate complaints rights. In addition, it may reduce the real crowd, because the purpose is to buy a house to live. Of course, all the decoration also has some bad places, such as decoration can not be arbitrary DIY, increases the risk of inferior material flows to the decoration of the room, but also may be due to renovation costs calculation in the purchase, resulting in prices, increasing pressure on the public purchase. At the same time, may also lead to industry monopolies, decoration industry to increase the number of unemployed people, small decoration companies to bring a certain degree of survival pressure. The whole decoration is not equal to the house, stereotyped technical guidelines are being developed, it is understood that Zhejiang will be implemented in the form of a menu decoration decoration in place. That is to say, in the design stage for different size or the same size to promote different economic capacity,.相关的主题文章:

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