Suqian discipline the township government staff canteen funds checked to turn off the lights

Suqian discipline: the township government staff canteen funds checked to lock the door off in September 13th, the Suqian Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection issued "on the illegal public funds banquets and special inspection briefing", to find the special inspection of the issue of the bulletin. Inspection found that the Suqian Municipal Housing Construction Bureau received a higher level to 6 people, accompanied by a meal of 20 people, a reception of the superior to the people of the people, accompanied by a meal at noon, 10 people, at night with the meal of 15 people. Suqian City Department of another 1 to June official reception amounted to 168 thousand and 500 yuan, and the annual budget for 52 thousand and 800 yuan. In addition, some grassroots township annual hospitality open more than one million yuan, a town in the hotel reception merchants, 5 people spent $2000. The inspection found that a township government staff in the canteen in violation of public funds, and dinner staff do not cooperate with the inspection, the dining room and locked the door, the lights went out. The inspection personnel around to the rear window persuasion, the restaurant opened the door in the inquiry process part of dissuasion, forced to leave the scene. The inspection also found that some of the basic units in the official reception regulations provide pheasant, wild duck. The inspection staff checking accounts found, Siyang County High Town, Suyu District Du Shunhe street, Soap Lake District Town reception menu appears in the wild duck, pheasant and other wild animal dishes.相关的主题文章:

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