Sword net 3 character knife tomorrow today open to grab the first test activation code clazziquai

"Sword net 3" character "knife" tomorrow the first test activation today open to grab "sword net 3" annual information film "character knife" will be shocked to open the thirteenth martial sword grand debut, gestos arena and the new fifth identity alchemist unlock, Luoyang City, Shangyanggong team secret exit and other content waiting for chivalrous exploration. September 19th "character knife" experience first test service open, invites various Paladin tasting! Official website test service qualification activation code issued today 13:00 on time, verify the activation of the game and the role of the creation of the function of synchronous open it, come grab code bar! "The knife style" open beta tomorrow "sword net 3" "character test knife" activation page test activation code application instructions: 1, eligibility: August 28, 2009 – December 31, 2016, serving the whole region, the cumulative recharge time consumption amounted to 720 yuan Tongbao account; 2, a game account can only successfully apply for a test take the activation code, an activation code can only activate a game account; 3, to activate the paladin page login Jinshan permit to be issued, the activation code and click apply, if the application is successful, can directly click to activate the account; the "character test knife" will gradually update on-line, 19 on the first day of the test will be the first to open new team Shangyanggong and attitudes of fifth fam arena identity: the alchemist. Shangyanggong team by Shangyanggong fam · China Temple and Shangyanggong · two parts of double Yao Ting, divided into 10 common mode and 25 heroic. China Temple Shangyanggong Guanfeng temple · nets above and snares below; fam, Paladin accompanied Li Chu King disguised as wide Jianning Wang Litan deeply Shangyanggong, Langya military adviser Xu Road to expose set by Zhajiang conspiracy. Shen Mianfeng, thunder evil beggar Totani disciple Liu Feijun, cardinal Saint Cao Yanlie and the White Wolf, moon mountain Qianglang Tokgo repair will become a paladin who come out of a storm. Guo Yan, Cao Xueyang, Yan et al Yimei will also encounter new turning in the fam. The final piece of information BOSS "pseudo Yan" An Qingxu in Xu Gui Road located under the grinding after the paladin will continue in-depth nets above and snares below, Shangyanggong, stop Anqing thread escape from Luoyang city planning. In this process, Paladin will break the black teeth and Yuanyou elders worship before the face of generals geshuhan obstruct Datang Anqing Xu Yan pseudo. What is the final outcome? Please go to Shangyanggong Paladin · double Yao Ting beitou. Fifth lakes is a necromancer identity – the alchemist has a very long history, the ancient occupation is extremely secretive. Only when the turmoil in the world, containing resentment soul too much and gradually began to affect the world, only quietly to alchemist, the intensity of the five line of resentment, until the balance of yin and yang. As a system of fifth lakes gestos identity, will also be in the world and the alchemist in the test for the first time in the open. As a special space between the Yin and Yang and the two world, the world has many souls who do not want to leave because of all kinds of obsession. To communicate with the world soul practice alchemist identity Paladin by arcane to the familiar yet strange, help them relieve.相关的主题文章:

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