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The commander to bring out a soldier – Shaanxi Channel – original title win: this battalion in order to bring out the victorious soldiers training dare to say "look at me" slogan "fight with me on the" Yangtze River Camp with a little rather concentrated sword armored troops note: the future battlefield, a battalion commander is the basic power of joint command. As a commander, not a first-class quality of the military, it is impossible to bring out the troops to win the war; don’t put themselves as a good piece of steel, with troops on the battlefield will not be a razor knife. The advanced deeds of the forty-second army commander, we set up the new period as the battalion commander of the benchmark, it is worth learning. Washington correspondent Pu, Li Min correspondent reports: in early autumn, a drill smoke four, armor, artillery and army aviation in close collaboration, as many at the blues and clenched fist"…… The synthesis of camp confrontation training in the parent organization, the forty-second Army Armored Regiment infantry camp less Yangtze river Ning again led the soldiers to victory against the. Under the leadership of Jiang Shaoning, with the infantry battalion obtain winless in recent years the size of more than 10 drill, become the teacher Wu Qiang can benchmark. Sabotage "the blues" command, the capture of the "Red Army" commander, landing failure of supply lines, more grams of enemies…… Jiang Shaoning’s command of the combat operations, has become an example of tactical research at all levels. The camp where the troops spread such a jingle: "armored infantry battalion is fine, everything is ok." The previous sentence is the camp of the Yangtze River less Ning, the latter said that he led the installation of infantry camp. Jiang Shaoning from the professional to professional armored infantry, with 8 years of time, one by one pass professional communication, driving, shooting armor three professional grade two, grade one, grade certificate, excellent professional quality of the battalion commander. To make the actual combat awareness of the officers and men to become ‘conditioned reflex’, the actual combat ability to become officers and men ‘muscle memory’." This is Jiang Shaoning’s military rule. In order to enhance the combat capability of battalion of soldiers, he organized a special team over, day and night are elusive "attack" on the camp respectively; in training, he demanded to achieve the ultimate camouflage; he also led the improvement of tactical action and operating procedures, write out a type of tracked infantry fighting vehicles and maintenance of maritime training materials "more than 7 words", fill up the blank of marine training materials, and lead the soldiers to achieve complex sea conditions at sea training of the 6 first, the training method of more than 10 subjects which are widely used in military and division, regiment. Training can say "look at me", called the "war with me". Jiang little rather rely on their own excellent quality with a crop of another crop of armored soldiers: military confrontation training, 6 Super pilots the battalion’s manipulation of armored vehicles, only one car along the narrow road into the "enemy", playing opponents super striker Chen Jiaxin, can be taken by surprise; in the distance against the beat "the enemy" battle tanks; all-around fighter Tang Jian, the commander, gunner was convicted of "dead", a man beat the opponent’s offensive operation chariot. ("jiefangjun Bao" on 06 October 2016 01 Edition (&n) commissioning editor: Deng)相关的主题文章:

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