The endless quanqian card Captor Sakura store opened ravbin

Quanqian "card Captor Sakura" endless store "opened" card Captor Sakura as everyone’s childhood memories of this year also ushered in the twenty anniversary of the. Of course, the official will not miss such a good chance of money, in addition to constantly launch joint goods and surrounding, in Tokyo opened a limited Shinjuku store. It is reported that the store business hours from September 16th to October 4th, a period of three weeks. In the days before the seal of staff caused by topic online and small will be here to sell. Of course, there are many shops on the "card Captor Sakura" posters and animation of the original. The store also arranged a special camera area for visitors to take pictures here. "CLAMP" is a card Captor Sakura studio works, can be said to be one of the domestic cartoon buddies first contact. The work tells the girl Sakura one day will not be because the Clow cards scattered throughout, so she embarks on a journey to rein in "Kuluo brand". The new comic strip the time axis after the launch has reached the first, after Sakura made an unbelievable dream, began to have a new event. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

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