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The four district four district of five high-end industrial linkage traction industry high-end industry high-end high-end industrial linkage traction five in October 28th, the world’s top 500 Chinese construction subsidiary of construction steel limited company of Sichuan party secretary Zhu Yu, speaking of the original selection of the experience, as well as Peng Wan Zhong excited. In February 2014, construction steel Sichuan Co. Ltd. decided the western manufacturing base only project settled in Tianfu district as the high economic development zone. "At first, the most important is the development potential. As the high open area adjacent to the Tianfu Avenue, convenient transportation; the future development of the South Chengdu, choose to treat high, in line with the trend of development." Zhu Yu said, "with the convenient transportation, products can be successfully sold to Chongqing, Gansu and other Western provinces. Next year, Chengdu three section, Ren mu Jenshou around the new high-speed section, Tianfu Avenue Jenshou benevolence will be opened, is a big plus." In Zhu Yu view, the original choice is undoubtedly correct. "The upright, speak, the original promise to us all fulfilled." Zhu Yu said, water, electricity, gas and other factors of production problems will be resolved immediately. Employees living here, children reading, and so on, also gave a lot of care." It is not the only choice, construction steel. To see the high economic development zone as an example, including the construction steel Co. Ltd., Sichuan, currently has 148 projects settled here, including 52 scale enterprises, employing 23 thousand people; in 2015 sales revenue of 18 billion 600 million yuan, warehousing taxes 350 million yuan, 7000 farmers into industrial workers, urban residents, three operators and practitioners. The county government proposed four district traction five integrated production city linkage, global development. Four focus on the development of the center city, North and West as high Heilongtan, Eastern Port Economic Zone "". The joint development area, rich ocean park, the scenic area, Sancha Lake Industrial Park of modern food and flowers Tianfu Sightseeing Park "five". To speed up the formation of a lively situation of distinctive features, a more multipolar and coordination, global development. High end industries, high-end industrial agglomeration. The data can explain everything, emerging industry, high-end equipment manufacturing, electronic information, new energy, new materials accounted for 28% of 2011 increased to 43%, construction steel, electric vehicles, Dan Qi, Zhongtian times constant weight compression and o-light optoelectronic and a number of major projects completed and put into production, billion yuan enterprises reached 110, industrial enterprises above Designated Size reached 163. The county was named the first batch of 14 industrial county demonstration counties. The first city south of Chengdu mountain water remember nostalgia as authentic Jenshou, director of the Sichuan Provincial Institute of urban planning and design of high Huanggen, previously little mention home county. He said to the old impression of the city, is the "squeeze" in the 213 State Line Road West, planning disorder, Jianfengchazhen, serious traffic jam. In July 6th this year, the city held a construction planning forum, invited to high huanggen. "Today the Jenshou, could see the mountains, see the water, remember nostalgia!" Gao Huanggen said, Tianfu bounded, unbounded development, especially in the north of the town, don’t celebrate相关的主题文章:

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