The green tailed pheasant red stamp rare species of dazzling running man20130526

The green pheasant tail red stamp: dazzling rare species in November 15, 2006, the State Post Bureau issued 31 "China bird" (Group Fourth) 1 ordinary stamps of 2 medals, of which 40 is Lophophorus lhuysii, stamp size is 27× 38 mm, perforation of 13.5 degrees, it is also a national protected animal. This stamp designer is Huang Huaqiang, in November 15, 2006 by the Beijing stamp factory print. "There are a few letters English Lophophorus lhuysii" stamp on the NIAO, and the "bird" and "China bird" is a homonym. The green tailed pheasant commonly known as "red, it is said ten samples of" beautiful feathers consists of 10 different colors, dancing in the forest garden, just like a fairy like very pretty and charming as brilliant as the rainbow. The male body length 74-81 cm, weight of 2050-3250 grams; the female body length 74-81 cm, weight 1650-3220 G. This species is widely distributed in the past, but it was destroyed in the modern times and threatened by the human being, which was mainly distributed in southwest china. Gansu territory of not more than 200, less than 100 in Tibet. The green tailed red pheasant usually active during the day, love the haunt of the ridge area, shrub or tree habitat in the evening of the low dense branches. The stamps designer Mr. Huang Huaqiang devoted his whole life to seek between science and art found a combination of points, he used the form of painting, singing nature calls for the protection of birds, propaganda and protection of rare plants, protecting the earth’s environment, design a set of art appreciation and collection value in a red green tailed pheasant stamps. On the face of Lophophorus lhuysii body showed riotous with colour appearance, true to life, it is the head of the emerald green, yellow and white neck, back is blue, the abdomen is brown. In China, the level of protection for a red green tailed pheasant, and was listed as a world of vulnerable species, with the title of the green pheasant tail red stamp face not only exquisite design, high ornamental value, more and more of the collectors at the same time, as a national rare animal, a green tail red pheasant postage stamp collection potential also will be immeasurable. Today, the state in order to promote HP finance, public policy innovation, with multiple card escort Youbi, attracted a large number of idle funds into the stamp, but also lay a foundation for today’s stamp. In this hilarious "," red tail Green Pheasant "is a rare variety of stamps has its own characteristics, active in hot sea mail, waiting for the fans dig it has great potential value to the collection.相关的主题文章:

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