The landlord and tenant disputes house everywhere to be painted red money (video) baxia

The landlord and tenant disputes are everywhere house house paint Ms. Liao painted from Jiulongpo District Public Security Bureau News "money" Ms. Liao painted red house in Jiulongpo: Ms. Liu will own a house rental, at the expiration of the contract, but the tenant had disputes and. Because of this problem, in October 19th, Ms. Liu found his house was sprayed at the red paint, everywhere in the house to write "money", but she called the police. Last October, Ms. Liao will house the Jiulongpo District Jinlong Road rent to Guangdong to the high of a boy, had received 3000 yuan rental deposit. In October 19th this year, a one-year contract to Ms. Liu, who went to the rental housing. The original phone is good to return the deposit, the rental house, Ms. Liu found the bed shower nozzle, backrest and other objects were damaged, demanding a maintenance after the deposit back. Ms. Liu said, the original maintenance requires only two hundred or three hundred dollars, but this caused a high dissatisfaction, the other is that Ms. Liao deliberately finding fault, tried to get out of this 3000 yuan of money, from both sides of the dispute, fruitless negotiations. Ms Liu left the rental room, received a neighbor’s phone, the neighbor said her house found leaking. Unexpectedly, Ms. Liu returned to the rental housing, found the kitchen faucet were all open water, the furniture in the room had been soaked in water; the wall, floor, cabinets, TV, bed was sprayed on multiple red paint, write "money everywhere". At this time, a high one has moved out of the rental house, no audio. Ms. Liao trembling with anger, immediately dialed 110, she suspected that it was a high painting and open faucet to vent their anger. Currently, the police have filed an investigation. Police remind the damage to other people’s private property is illegal, once verified, the police will be processed according to law. For further reading, not related with the landlord and tenant reason actually just to strike violently 10 yuan相关的主题文章:

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