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The National Day Car Buying introduction: nine new generation must choose a car guide – Sohu car [produced] 2016 car no secret National Day coming, the golden nine silvers ten is always the best choice for Car Buying season, space rich consumers, we will look to Chinese automobile market in the core area of -10-15 million household body models recently, many new upgrades, including compact car, SUV and MPV three models, each with their own background, compared to some small change, is known as the "new" models, these are completely genuine goods at a fair price change, of course, the ultimate aim is to cater to consumers. To achieve sales maximization, so what you are waiting for? The car can help you analyze it no secret: a new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot 308 officially listed on September 25th, based on the EMP2 platform to build the car, compared to the old models happened to turn the world upside down changes, can be seen as the 308S of the three car version, priced at 99 thousand and 700 yuan -15.97 yuan, become car market mainstream 100 thousand Chinese in another powerful players. The car is no secret to comment: the old section of the 308 to 307 to build and upgrade, the new Peugeot 308 models based on the new EMP2 platform technology, modular platform can easily be upgraded to 2700mm wheelbase more obviously, but the new 308 chose the wheelbase 2675mm, however the performance of space is not weaker than the opponent on the one hand is not drift, on the other hand do not want to block the 408 Road, power and excellent configuration is the focus of the attention of consumers, at the same time, the starting price of only 100 thousand yuan less than. The blue bird has been reborn LANNIA with the original blue bird is not necessarily linked, the resurrection with the year blue bird brand meaning, but more is through exercise and assertive temperament to seize after 85, 90 young consumer demand for consumer China tailored, that the car of China the market enough attention, price 105 thousand and 900 -14.39 million yuan worth paying for the brand and design. The car is no secret to comment: in order to please domestic young consumers, blue bird’s appearance has become so far, it is in a flat bottomed steering wheel Nissan models rare. The size of the steering wheel is compact enough, the traditional Nissan car home rich flavor of the interior is no longer applicable. In the control panel surface area large area may make intensive phobia crazy, but this design is excellent feeling and dirt resistant performance. The centre console turned to the driver’s side, emphasizing that the driver was the real owner of the car.. In July 20, 2016, SAIC GM Chevrolet officially announced its new Cruze officially listed, launched a total of 7 models, the price of 10.99-16.99 million yuan, than the same platform Buick Weilang starting price 30 thousand, price is higher, and the old Cruze sales, coupled with the latest in a compact car Kewozi, the formation of collocation in the compact car market the low grades of high school, on the same Weilang, Buick Hideo will cause no small impact. Car no secret comment: Shanghai GM in the face.相关的主题文章:

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