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The same with the game industry in the 1980s with what they are so rich Lynch, Zhu Weisong, should book ridge, Chen Yongrui, straight to the point of the…… These familiar names on our side, they are 80, with the game industry, why their wealth worth billions of dollars? 80 after the game industry business tycoons in October 31, 2016, "Hurun" announced the "2016 Hurun rich list" 80, the list is one of the "top Hurun", and will be divided into groups of 80 80 rich "rich list" and "start empty-handed 80 inherited wealth rich list" of two parts, the deadline list of wealth the calculation for August 15, 2016. The game in the "list of gyro, start empty-handed mostly" to the north, and deep, Hangzhou City four young entrepreneurs and mostly involve IT information industry. In the "Hurun list" start empty-handed 80, 5 online games, Lynch and Zhu Weisong, the tour family network Wang Yanzhi, the hero of Gaia interactive mutual entertainment should book Ling and Chen Yongrui of Schindler. After the start empty-handed billionaires tour family network Lynch, Zhu Weisong: 9 billion 500 million, 2 billion 600 million in the family travel network is a billionaire, Lynch ranked seventh, the total wealth of 9 billion 500 million; another list of billionaires ranked sixteenth Zhu Weisong has a total wealth of 2 billion 600 million. Keywords: multiple changes in equity + firm overseas, also lives in October 2013, announced plum umbrella intends to sell all of the assets and liabilities, and the issuance of shares by way of acquisition of Shanghai tour Family Information Technology Co., Ltd. 100% stake. The plum umbrella from the beginning of October 24, 2013, 6 consecutive daily limit. According to media reports, Shanghai tour family information was founded in 2009, initially invested 10 million yuan, by Ding Boling, Lynch, Li Zhu and Zhu Weisong 4 people to establish a joint venture, its biggest shareholder, Ding Boling sold all the shares in 2010, and then tour after several options to change information, Lynch and Zhu Weisong just 5 years of personal wealth over a hundred times. Today, more than doubled in the past, why is the game family Lynch and Zhu Weisong boarded the rich list? In 2009, 28 year old Lynch as the founder of family travel network, founded in Shanghai in Webpage Game family travel network as the main business and began to implement the global strategic layout in the family swim, swim, lay a stable income through the page, at the end of 2013 to the game’s positive quickly completed the initial listing. Accumulation. At this time, holding billion stake in Lynch became the billions of dollars of new money. From this development process, we can find that Lynch initially through a number of changes in equity, master the majority of the shares, while the best time to complete the backdoor listing. In the earnings data in the first three quarters of 2016, net profit attributable to the listed tour family network to shareholders for 361 million, as CEO Lynch, owns a 35.1% stake in the family tour of the total market value of 23 billion 200 million yuan case, wealth amounted to 8 billion yuan, and as one of the founders of the Zhu Weisong holding 9.38% of the shares listed also created about 2 billion 100 million yuan of wealth for him. And you race, also through the offering.相关的主题文章:

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