The second Xinjiang International Art Biennale opening new network dialogue between art and Science kimi wo omou melodi

The second Xinjiang International Art Biennale opening: new network dialogue art and science — for people watching using new media tools to re interpretation of the "Han Xizai evening banquet". Sun Tingwen photo Beijing, October 9 Urumqi Xinhua (reporter Sun Tingwen) Chinese by the Ministry of culture, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region people’s Government hosted the second Chinese Xinjiang International Art Biennale "held in Urumqi on October 9th, the opening ceremony, the exhibition will continue until 31. This biennial from Britain, France, Canada, Holland, Austria, Greece, Luxemburg and other 7 countries, as well as the domestic total of 28 works exhibition. These works are closely related to the daily production and life, through the design of information interaction, to attract the attention of the people, and enhance the interaction with the audience, showing the diversity and innovation of international contemporary art. It is reported that this exhibition by the main exhibition, symposium and workshops and the parallel development of four parts. The theme of the exhibition is divided into four parts: "science and technology", "ecology and habitat", "information and intelligence", "nature and life". Reporters on the scene saw the ordinary people turned science fiction film Hero Afanda, the shape of the sound can be printed out…… The industry believes that the emergence of achievements of computer technology, multimedia, artificial intelligence, virtual reality technology, expanding the artist’s concept, enrich and update their medium of expression, to provide a wider space and a new language for artistic creation, the art show a more diversified situation, with high-tech, creative material the performance of the new means of interpretation of the artist’s cognition. At the same time, the art is constantly pouring into the science of endless creativity and rich imagination, to give its humanistic spirit of nourishment, scientific creation becomes more vivid. Xinjiang deputy secretary, office of the director of culture Maihesuti said Mu tal? New ideas to the exhibition of contemporary art exhibition aims to bring the integration of culture and technology development and progress of society. With the VR device works in Dunhuang Tang "experience?" Huang Jimin said 2016 people, in the way of virtual reality makes people from the real world into the moment of crossing Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, where you can walk, watch the details of sculpture and murals inside the cave. It is because of the high-tech equipment that can be combined with the ancient art perfectly. The work of Francois, a French artist, is a set of musical instruments made of 46 voices. The creator of the voice was included, decoding, encoding through calculation program prints out different forms of the vase: for a moment you can see by the channel, constructing a model on the screen, then the file making background program automatically generates the vase, you work at 3D printer production". The opening day, Chinese Academy of Engineering Cheng Jing, Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts President Lu Xiaobo, the famous Chinese painter will also be held in the theme of the report of the meeting of the president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. To enrich the Biennale’s content, strengthen the Xinjiang and Guangzhou artists exhibition, "mirror, parallel time in Xinjiang? Guangzhou art exhibition in October 10)相关的主题文章:

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