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The tired: Peter – Handke 5 piece of the unique style of the narrative works – Sohu reading first pages:   Title: "tired" on the author: [Austria] Peter? Handke Jia Chen: Translator: Chen Min Wang Wenhe press of Shanghai people’s Publishing House: "the century horizon" tired volume collection of Handke from the last century at the end of 80s in 2013 5 the creation of the unique style of the narrative works, namely "the tired" (1989), "on the jukebox" (1990), "the success of the day" (1991), "the silence of the land" (2012) and "the mushroom crazy child" (2013). The five part of "novel" Deconstruction of the traditional narrative form, than all the work to go further in the Handeke before, can almost be said to create a new style. They are the inner monologue and the journey of the soul. No matter how to change the narrative form, Handeke is always concerned about the ego and the world relations. "Tired" on the fatigue is an important way of perceiving the world; "on the jukebox" recall and calls lost time; "said the" silent "silent" turned out to be the toilet, the author to the unique performance style than people accustomed to and it is self-evident something; "on the mushroom crazy child" created a fictional character on mushroom fascinated mad, from curiosity, pursuit, obsession, madness, and then to gradually cool, detached, free, Handeke to reviews and Reflections on their own life. Author: Peter? Handeke (Peter Handke, 1942): Austria famous novelist and playwright. An important writer of Contemporary German literature, known as "the living classic". He won the Buchner prize for literature in 1973, and won the 2009 prize for literature in the year of the Kafka prize for literature. Author of the novel "face a penalty kick goalkeeper anxiety", "to reproduce the Elegy", "woman" script "southpaws, called the audience", "Caspar", "xingtongmolu moment" etc.. 1961 into Graz University law. At the age of 24, he published his first novel, the hornet, before he dropped out to concentrate on writing. The same year published that made him famous script "cursed the audience", caused an unprecedented sensation in German literature. He created the "Caspar", in the history of modern drama and the status of the "waiting for Godot," in the same breath, he is also known as the creation of the "talk show" and anti language master of the discipline of the. In the literature, Handeke and Wenders co wrote "Berlin sky" became the film classic, he directed the movie "southpaws woman" won the Cannes Film Festival best film nomination zui. (ed.) Han Ruixiang: Dr. Shaanxi Liquan, two, Beijing Foreign Studies University Professor, doctoral tutor, vice president of Chinese of German literature, the Ministry of education of cross century talents, enjoy special government allowances. Mainly engaged in German literature teaching and research for many years, published 3 monographs, published more than 40 papers, translated literature 13, 1 teaching materials, editor of literary masterpiece 3 sets. [probation.相关的主题文章:

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