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Trinidad a rail "Qinghai Tibet Railway completed seamless rail replacement project – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Lhasa, September 13 (Wang Jun, Ma Wen) the Qinghai Tibet Railway (Golmud to Lhasa) Kaixinling to Amdo interval last 2 kilometers in 12 days of seamless rail replacement success, marking the duration of 7 years the Qinghai Tibet Railway seamless rail replacement project completed. So far, the world’s highest plateau railway to achieve the "thousands of miles a rail". According to the Qinghai Tibet railway company, the Qinghai Tibet Railway seamless rail paving project cumulative period of 7 years, a total investment of $1 billion 298 million. Period, a total of 82021 completed rail replacement, a total of 1111 km, weighing up to 127 thousand and 700 tons. Invested 390 thousand people, a single day in the construction site for the transfer of the operating staff up to more than 600 people. In 7 years, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company workers continued fighting at an average altitude of 4500 meters above the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, has successfully replaced with an altitude of 5072 meters of the world’s highest railway station – Tanggula station line, permafrost area 520 kilometers and a number of difficulties of seamless line construction tasks, and create a single day for shop in plateau permafrost areas seamless line construction record of 4 kilometers. In orbit, the Qinghai Tibet railway is 25 meters long with common rail, will have a certain gap to prevent the expansion and contraction between the rail and rail passenger train heard "crash" sound is the impact sound wheel and rail interface, this impact is not only easy to the rail head and the wheel caused great wear. For the Qinghai Tibet railway maintenance workload and the difficulty of certain, but also limits the speed of the train to Tibet, the influence of the train passengers comfort. In order to solve these problems, from the beginning of 2010, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company of seamless rail on Qinghai Tibet Railway paving project, is to replace the original 25 meters of ordinary rail is 500 meters long rail, the rail replacement process using mobile pneumatic world advanced welding technology, through inspection, grinding and other processes, eliminate the gap between the rail joint, the final welded seamless line. Since its opening in July 1, 2006, the Qinghai Tibet railway has been operating safely for 10 years. Statistics show that as of the end of May 2016, the Qinghai Tibet railway company has accumulated 10 years of passenger transport 115 million passengers, cargo 4.48 tons.相关的主题文章:

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