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To eat and to flow! Vegan cheese cake so amazing your taste buds [original title] seconds all the milk ice cream of the vegan cheese cake, eat and slobber! Today to share Master vegetarian baking climbing fish claiming, "delicious to the second all egg milk ice cream vegan cake", while eating slobber kind, vegan vegan, we really only eat for health and health!!! Cake Ingredients walnuts or almonds…… 1 cups of xylitol…… 3 tablespoon (can also use the maple syrup, Agave syrup, cocoa powder)…… 1 tablespoon coconut oil…… 1 tablespoons salt…… 18 teaspoon vegan cheese food cashew…… 1 cups of water…… 1 cups of xylitol…… 13 cup (can also use the maple syrup, Agave syrup, lemon juice)…… 2 tablespoon coconut oil…… 12 cup soy lecithin…… 1 tablespoons (no can not put, does not affect the taste, but will slightly affect the smooth taste) vanilla extract…… 14 tablespoons salt…… 18 teaspoon crest any jam…… The amount of 6 inch round bottom mold tool…… 1 1 making cake base: all cake base material into the broken machine mixing into a fine particles, adding coconut oil after mixing evenly, tile on the cake mold bottom, bottom 2 making pies stand; vegan cheese: all vegan cheese material into the broken machine stirring until smooth, pour in the cake on the bottom. Place in the freezer for 4 hours to 3 to be frozen after solidification; solidification removed, surface covered with an appropriate amount of jam, thawed for about 10 minutes, you can enjoy. 1 soybean lecithin is extracted from soybean for three high population health food, can replace the emulsifier in a dessert, make dessert taste more smooth, it will not affect the taste of the cake, will affect the taste Oh ~ 2.1 tablespoon =15ml, 1 tsp =5ml, 1 cup =250ml; 3 the climbing fish good advice, vegetarian dessert has some calories, eat delicacy must exercise! About the author: climbing fish landmark in Shenzhen Master small baking vegetarian chef, not all round, climbing fish is enjoy vegan desserts and thin some enviable. Her figure thanks to the love of running, swimming, had participated in the marathon 3 times, cross-country run for 1 times, adhere to a healthy and positive love life style.  相关的主题文章:

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