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To travel with the group in a car accident claims     over a period of one year was rejected – Jiangxi channel — original title: original title: travel with the group in a car accident claims more than one year period was rejected eleven golden week, many people choose to travel with the group. However, in the event of personal injury on the way to travel, how to protect? Reporters yesterday Chinese statistics released from referee network s tourism disputes verdict found that during the trip, tourists have personal injury, the main reason is the traffic accident and its sudden illness caused. In addition, there are a number of casualties caused by tourists to participate in recreational events or other unforeseen factors. Legal experts said, choose to travel with the group of passengers, the first step is to choose the regular travel agencies, passengers should carefully read the terms of the contract to avoid disputes after the day. One case: with the group in a car accident in November 4, 2013 was rejected because of the super claim period, liaomou and 38 students to participate in the Guangzhou newspaper group launched a travel agency of the Guangxi Guilin tour routes, tourist bus by the travel agency to a car rental company. Six days after the 10 day morning at 10:40 PM, the driver Yemou driving bus carrying liaomou 39 students along the 321 National Highway in Longsheng to Guilin travelling to 681 kilometers and 800 meters Road, slippery due to rain, Yemou improper operation, causing the bus rollover, resulting in liaomou and some of the students were injured. On 22 May, the police make a road traffic accident, the accident found Yemou to take full responsibility. Liao believes that the occurrence of traffic accidents, causing great pain to her body and spirit of Guangzhou, a travel agency and car companies have responded to the tourism infringement jointly and severally liable, for the prosecution to the court for compensation for medical expenses, disability compensation totaling more than 260 thousand yuan, the other to pay moral damages solatium 30 thousand yuan. The travel agency and the company involved in the car, said the fact that the damage caused by the Liao did not dispute, but Liao a lawsuit has exceeded the limitation. In this regard, the court held that, in accordance with the provisions of the general principles of the civil law, claims for compensation for bodily injuries, the limitation of action for a period of 1 years, according to the judicial interpretation of the provisions of the personal damages the limitation of action, damage obviously, starting from the date of injury; the damage was not found, after the inspection and diagnosis can prove is caused by the infringement, starting from the date of injury diagnosis. In this case, a traffic accident occurred in November 10, 2013, and was sent to Guangxi hospital for treatment. It can be seen that the injury caused by the accident is very obvious, so it is clear that the right has been violated since November 10, 2013, and the effect of the claim on the right of compensation is calculated from the date of the accident. But Liao in June 30, 2015 before a lawsuit to the court, has exceeded the 1 year statute of limitations. Therefore, Liao has lost the right to appeal, the court does not support its claims. Ultimately, the court dismissed all claims of a lawsuit. Case two: Thailand travel fracture travel agency sentenced to compensate for $180 thousand in July 4, 2013, Wang and his family reported a delegation to participate in a travel agency in Guangzhou, the depth of tourism in Buji. August 6, 2013, Wang participated in the Buji yacht相关的主题文章:

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