Typhoon peripheral circulation in the South cold air Wenzhou issued more warning dachiyouxiang

The typhoon circulation in the cold air in Wenzhou and more warning yesterday afternoon, Xingwen City, people with umbrellas travel. Today is the first working day after the holiday, Wenzhou still rain. No. eighteenth typhoon "Chaba" after the nineteenth typhoon "Aere" and No. twentieth typhoon "SED" hurried to brush presence. Yesterday, the typhoon "Aere" effect, I release much of a warning signal to different levels of red blue rainstorm. Information from the Municipal Meteorological Bureau shows that some areas today do not rule out heavy rain or heavy rain. Yesterday, Dongtou has not issued a rainstorm warning signal typhoon sent rain has a characteristic, that is short time, strength. Yesterday morning at 9 o’clock, the city meteorological department has issued a rainstorm warning signal. By 9:13 last night, the Yueqing, become blue warning, Yongjia, Cangnan, Taishun, Pingyang City, rose to yellow, is Ruian orange signal warning, even to the city of Dongtou is not only the red warning, rainstorm warning signal. The two days of rain at every step, cold air is healthy not resigned to playing second fiddle to kill over potential torrents. At present, typhoon "Aere" in Wenzhou on the possibility is not big, but it brings to the southeast and the south of the cold air, today will be over "but in zhejiang". Two air flow intersection, it will produce a certain chemical reaction: today, the city’s local heavy rainfall, some areas do not rule out the possibility of thunderstorms, heavy rain or heavy rain. In addition, it is worth noting that, under the influence of cold air, from today to 10, our coastal sea will have 8~10 northerly winds. The cold air in our city will have immediate concern, 3~5 C cooling into October, the South warm air force as before, frequent cold air southward is normal. According to the China Meteorological Bureau news, just past the eleven holiday, the southern region of China’s "autumn" slightly pale. Since the National Day holiday, the southern part of the high temperature level. But then, Wenzhou hot "style" will begin to shift. According to the Municipal Meteorological Observatory staff, and in the Southeast "but" in the cold air will win, then it will get angry in my city. From the beginning of the city’s rain gradually, the next 4 days will be dominated by cloudy weather, but affected by it, the temperature will drop (there will be a temperature of 3 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius). Especially next Monday, Tuesday, the minimum temperature in the morning will be reduced to about 18 degrees celsius. The temperature dropped to 20 degrees Celsius, how will it feel? Specifically, some cold, wear short sleeved clothes these days sooner or later there will be cool, even slightly cold. Therefore, the family has the elderly, children, or more than a few days to prepare a thick quilt. In addition, weak people go out in the morning and evening hours, the best put on a thin coat, so cold. Today, along the sea breeze, travel Caution! Meteorological station 7, 5 pm release of the typhoon information display, this year the nineteenth typhoon "Aere" (tropical storm level) yesterday afternoon 2 when its center is located in the southwest of Wenzhou, about 940 kilometers of the sea, wind near the center there are 9 (23 m / sec). Is expected to about 5 kilometers per hour speed of moving to the west, the intensity of the slow increase in the future to Eastern Hainan to Western Guangdong area near the coast. Typhoon "Aere" although a detour, but the.相关的主题文章:

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