U.S. bombing camp killed 200 people were killed in the United States for the first time directly att yuanmu

The Syrian army bomb caused 200 casualties, the United States for the first time a direct attack the Syrian military Channel – Sohu Global Times News: the United States led the fight against Islamic State League (IS) 17 air strikes on Syria army camp where, allegedly caused about 200 casualties. The news stirred in jeopardy of the situation in Syria, also has fallen into the "cold war relations mode" adds waves. The United States Department of Defense said the incident was a "misbombing", but Syria and Russia did not make convincing. On the evening of 17 local time, the military in Syria by the Syria news agency said in a statement, the US led coalition against IS on the same day at 5 pm Eastern Syria raid near the airport Zelda mountain Deir ezzor army, killed dozens of government soldiers, resulting in destruction of weapons and equipment. Syrian army said the air strikes were serious violations of Syria’s sovereignty and territory. Russian military news release, there are 62 soldiers died in Syria. Russian Defense Ministry said the bombing by two F-16 fighter jets and two A-10 aircraft launched, but did not disclose the specific country from the aircraft. However, the Australian Ministry of Defense issued a statement 18, confirmed that the country involved in air strikes aircraft. The Syria based Human Rights Watch has a higher number of casualties, saying 83 people have been killed and at least 120 wounded. The Associated Press said that if confirmed, this will be the first direct attack on Bashar’s army. The United States Department of Defense said in a statement 17, the incident was "mistaken". Before the Allied air strikes on the IS target for a long time, that the air strikes target is IS militants. The statement said that the Allied forces in the past had bombed the site, and stressed that the Syrian situation is complex, the position of the government and the armed forces are often not far away, the allies will never deliberately bombed the Syria government army targets. Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement, the air strikes in the United States under the support of a large number of illegal armed opposition in Syria in the context of a ceasefire agreement is particularly worrying. Russia also called on the United States to comply with the ceasefire agreement in Syria to protect its armed forces to put pressure. In Russia, the UN Security Council on the evening of 17 held an emergency meeting to discuss the Syrian army attacked the problem. The Russian news agency said Russian and U.S. permanent representative to the United Nations in the meeting held during each other refused to listen to each other, and an altercation. The permanent representative of the United States Bauer accused Russia called for in the "show" held an emergency meeting; Russian permanent representative Vitaly Churkin criticized the United States not only did not fulfill the relevant obligations emeida into a ceasefire agreement, but also did not comply with the previously made no promises in the Syrian government airstrikes. It is hard to believe that the U.S. Air Force did not hit the militants stronghold. Some Russian officials also raised similar questions and Churkin. The Russian news agency said 18 days, the Russian State Duma security and anti-corruption committee chairman Alo Wa A said, for a strong military strength of the country, lock the target is very clear. But why did the United States and terrorists stand side by side and have a common target (Syrian army)? These issues need to be investigated and responded to by the international community. .相关的主题文章:

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