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[U.S. new policy] at least 14 years of age can apply for a green card alone! You can not enter the top 100 today, you can not enter the focus of high school, you can not enter the focus of high school, you can not enter the key universities, can not enter the key universities, you are equal to the end of this life. Do you have the feeling of the classic lines in the "small separation"? The drama from the three children, three couples three are at different stages of the discussion focused on middle-class families of young students (course) social status derived from the send their children abroad? When to send their children abroad? Send children to go abroad in the end is not a good way out? … A series of thought-provoking questions and choices in outreach abroad joint interface released "2016 China international student mobility trend report" in the authority of experts through the last few years in the China family choose to study abroad countries, students age, professional, tuition fees, students employment situation etc. the analysis concluded that young students have become the mainstream of social values! The road to study abroad in fact, in the moment of stepping out of the country has just started a child out of school learning and life will not be a problem? Need to read? How to accompany? Career and children, how to have both fish and bear’s paw? How to find a child internship? After graduation how to do? U.S. investment immigration [EB-5] to accept the application of minors 14 years of age! Generally speaking, parents are to handle EB5, children under 21 years of age can be accompanied by. However, sometimes parents because of various reasons, do not consider going abroad. At the same time, with the extension of the schedule, there are more and more families are considering a problem, whether by their own children to the applicant? The United States immigration law (INA) English reads as follows: "While there is no minimum age requirement directly under the INA, the investor must establish competency in either the country or state of residence when signing contracts, agreements and other documents relating to the investment. Further, the investor must also establish that he or she is competent to engage in the management of the enterprise". "Immigration law does not have a minimum age limit for the applicant, but the applicant must have completed the contract in accordance with the law of the applicant’s residence.相关的主题文章:

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