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What about drinking tea? Sohu and Oolong Tea Tieguanyin is the best, its quality features are: tea bar curly, fat round knot, heavy even, the green color of sand, the overall shape of spiral like Dragonfly head, body, frog legs. After brewing liquor color Nongyan like golden amber, a natural fragrance of orchid fragrance, mellow taste of fresh Gan, back to Kennedy, commonly known as "music". Tieguanyin tea high and lasting, can be described as "seven global fragrance". Now the people drinking Tieguanyin Green Tea region taste requirements, more and more about the fragrance, fermentation degree is more and more low, the color is more green. Drink this fragrance Tieguanyin, must mix with porcelain, just boiling 100 degrees of boiling water, then pour the tea wash quickly. First soak in water for 20 seconds after the soup tureen, remember not to clean out the tea residue, otherwise, will be made from. Then, remember with carefully picked up the lid, sniffing the lid out of the unique flavor of tea Tieguanyin, if the quality is good, should be able to smell the flavor of milk or fruit (such as peach flavor). Fen Tieguanyin fermentation degree is relatively low, mostly yellow green tea, must taste hot tea, play some roll and slide down in the mouth, good Tieguanyin tea should have like soup that sticky feeling, should emit sweet taste, swallow after opening the mouth to breathe can feel sweet. Second, three bubble for 25 seconds or 30 seconds out of the soup, especially with the best taste of the third bubble, we must carefully taste. After each bubble soup can be appropriate to extend the time, generally after eight tea soup on the guadan. There is a Luzhou flavor Tieguanyin, after baking the carbon. Unlike the Fen Tieguanyin, dry tea color brown, tea brewed color is orange red, the same bowl plus 100 DEG C boiling water, you will taste the taste of caramel, Tieguanyin more thick, suitable for laocha. In recent years, more and more merchants began to return to the traditional production process, in accordance with the old Tieguanyin, heavy shaking fermentation, only products were very few, brewing technique are the same, but the taste of tea was more stratified, tasting process can obviously feel the tea shows different flavor, very wonderful. Finally, add a little problem about whether tea filter. Chaozhou tea drinkers mostly do tea filter, no fair cup, bowl directly out of soup to three pieces after the cup and drink. But Fujian and Taiwan people most will use this stuff in the justice cup, is used to filter the tea dust and broken leaves. If you want to remember the tea filter, don’t choose cheap iron or stainless steel, high temperature metal after tea, taste carefully can taste a little taste of metal, affect the quality of tieguanyin. If you have more tea brewing and drinking preservation, shopping and so need advice, please add the South Beauty Tea tea room, a tea taster red to personal micro number: dydy280 (long press copy) the exchange of learning. This paper says tea net reprint, author: xinyu. Concerned about the number of love to say tea: aishuocha (long press copy) of tea, you can know here. Click on the lower right corner [subscribe] free access to more information and knowledge of tea. To select the original article [recommended] "six"相关的主题文章:

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