When shipment delivery workshop fire alarm door saved two people kamikaze love

When shipment delivery workshop fire alarm door saved two people on September 25th afternoon, Ningbo road Yinzhou District Wang Shi Wang Duanyi engaged in foam recycling processing small workshops suddenly caught fire, jumping smoke foot ten storey. After more than an hour of fire fighting efforts to fight the fire, the fire was successfully controlled. It is worth mentioning that, when the fire, there are two men in a small workshop in sleep. If not passing express little brother shouting, timely alarm, consequences be unbearable to contemplate…… Delivery meet fire he is alert and knocked Li Xiang (a pseudonym) is a branch of the Yunlong Debon logistics courier. 25 at about 1 in the afternoon, he was driving a small van delivery. Suddenly, a black smoke flashed before his eyes. "When a company is ready to turn to the delivery of it, see opposite this small workshop rising over the thick smoke coming up, I know on fire." Li Xiang take the wheel hands suddenly lose control of the car, "bang" muffled, hit a roadside pole. Li Xiang did not think too much, open the door, went straight to run a small workshop fire. "Is there anyone? Is there anyone? Fire — "Li Xiang in a small workshop half open the door and knocked two times, and shouted a few voice, no one answer. Guess there may be no one, Li Xiang quickly ran aside to dial 119. "Outside the wall filled with foam, inside the fire crackling through winds up, the taste is very bad. I don’t have time to think about it." At this moment, it suddenly ran out of the gates of two men, one guangzhuobangzi, back there burns, another wearing camouflage uniforms. "May be a worker, look a little frightened, looked far from the burning house. I was thinking, if it was 30 seconds later, the two of you would be too late. I have heard that when they are still taking a nap, very mysterious." Li Xiang said. Preliminary estimates of wire aging caused by fire similar risks must pay attention to the rapid spread of fire. The foam formed by the combustion of black smoke quickly rose to more than ten storeys high. A few minutes later, the fire engine arrived! The arrival of the first Yinzhou brigade quickly arranged foam gun, to prevent the spread of fire suppression. Subsequently, several reinforcements arrived in succession. After more than an hour to fight to save the day around 3:15 PM, the fire was successfully extinguished. Good workshop, why suddenly caught fire? Preliminary inference is the cause of aging wires, of course, the specific reasons for further investigation. "Yinzhou fire brigade, a staff said, the fire workshop is a layer of brick structure, four hundred or five hundred square meters." Their main business is to recycle some plastic foam, and then processed into a small particle bubble sold to customers. "Because of the nature of the processing workshop, fire facilities relatively simple," there is a fire extinguisher, but it really caught fire, but also can not play any role, foam up too fierce." The staff told reporters that now comes autumn, the temperature is still relatively high, the air is relatively dry, there are many small workshops in fact there is a certain consumer"相关的主题文章:

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