Yongjia, a family of four year old boy has been killed over into the canyon zhongguorentiyishu

Yongjia, a family of four year old boy has been killed over into the canyon last night, the reporter learned from the rescue team, missing more than 1 days old boy Kim has been found. The little boy died, in October 7th, with her mother and brother sitting in my dad’s car, home to Yongjia oubei. When the car to the Yongjia County town village of port crane Sheng Road, accidentally crashed into the side of the road side, the canyon streams, small gold and his mother were washed away the water. (see our newspaper reported yesterday) yesterday morning at 8 am, Yongjia County, the town of full-time fire brigade and the fire brigade composed of search teams, the success of the car at the point of water downstream of the place to find the age of 2 years of small gold. Yongjia County Sheng crane town fire brigade captain Xie said, they found two days time, the players have no time to rest, along the water downstream of two towns and carpet search, we are very familiar with here, the water point downstream four or five km away, there are a lot of rushing stream, if not in the range of four or five kilometers, according to past experience, it is difficult to find ". "On the evening of October 8th, it did not continue to rain, and the water level of the stream slowly declined. On the morning of October 9th, we found a little gold in the submerged grass, a mile down the river. His body was blocked by a tree by the grass, not too far away. There was no apparent injury to the child, and the dress was complete." He said. It is understood that the search and rescue personnel are composed of hundreds of units continue to search for small gold mother. Yongjia, Yueqing, Lishui folk rescue team has rushed reinforcements, the rescue team to bring a lot of advanced equipment, and even dispatched boats and divers, but due to the local hydrological complex, the search is still difficult.相关的主题文章:

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