Zhejiang 16 year old girl suffering from lung cancer, she often work in a small roadside restaurant jinshen

Zhejiang 16 year old girl suffering from lung cancer, she often work in a small roadside restaurant to write a cough for about 3 months, this year, Chen Tongxue, a high school girl, aged 16, was diagnosed with lung cancer in Zhejiang Province People’s Hospital. So young and not smoking, how can get cancer? In the face of worried Chen classmates a doctor, regret, remind you often smoke inhalation, the harm to the human body than smoking. It is reported that Chen students often work in a small restaurant opened by their parents. Fortunately, Chen lung cancer after surgical resection without lymph node metastasis, recovered well, we go home to convalesce. As the director of cardiothoracic surgery doctors her operation, Zhu Li said, Chen classmates is his 34 years working experience minimum in patients with lung cancer. According to Chen Tongxue introduced mother, daughter has been confirmed before the dry cough, because usually the body is good, and no cause for alarm, just to the drugstore to buy cold medicine, cough suppressant. How can you suffer from lung cancer at the age of 16? In the face of such questions, Zhu Li explained: "in the strict sense, the incidence of lung cancer has so far not clear, but the influence is there, a detailed understanding of Chen students living environment, found some predisposing factors." Chen students in a small town in central Zhejiang, parents in the street opened a restaurant, is the kind of only a few tables store. Diners to noodles, fried dishes, smoked, ten or twenty minutes to fill the stomach; outside the shop a car sped past, dusty. Chen classmates almost every day after school to do homework in the store, when busy occasionally carry a dish washing a bowl. Fried dishes taste, smoke, and exhaust gas and dust into the waves rolled up the store with, people could not help but itchy throat, cough. Cooking fumes, second-hand smoke, automobile exhaust…… A variety of harmful factors, erosion chentongxue young days and months multiplying the body, eventually causing cancer. Zhu Li admitted that, in fact, such a life, work environment, many people will encounter, but the body in which I do not know". Statistics show that the incidence of lung cancer in younger women, obviously, a lot of young women smoking is not suffering from lung cancer, in addition to the same pathogenic factors, some experts believe that may be related to female hormone estrogen level: higher risk higher. Zhu said, most people can’t live in the "land of idyllic beauty", but you can try to avoid, away from the harmful factors. Once a long time unexplained cough, chest tightness and other symptoms, should go to the hospital for regular treatment. If the film was found to have lung shadows, after treatment for 3 weeks, the shadow have not reduced, it should be early to surgical examination, do not let down as inflammation.相关的主题文章:

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